Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lady BaBa performs for Nokia

The worlds of Barbie fetishists and Lady Gaga's little monsters are colliding in a weird new Nokia ad for the n8 Pink:

Dig the "Exorcist" headspin, disembodied dancing legs, the smartphone bra with frickin' lasers in it, tattooed Barbie limbs, and a nippless Lady Godiva sideboob shot.

And there's a making of, too:

Well, okay then!

Music is "Freedom" by The Sugababes.

Via BuzzFeed

A totally awesome video resume

It's actually an ad for a resume coaching service called Pongo. It could have been shorter and tighter, but I like the bold dash of '80s and '90s references.

There are also (not quite as totally awesome) follow-ups on their YouTube Channel.

Dave on a date that plays out like an interview (or rather, vice versa):

Dave's last ditch attempt at getting hired:

via BuzzFeed

A QR Haiku

Smells like irony to me

AdFreak reports that a new browser app from Axe lets you spray away sites that "stink".

So great. Now the whole internet reeks of sexually desperate teenage boy.  Ewwww...

Fighting racism without violence

What do you do when you see something online as stupid as this guy's incomprehensible xenophobic rant at an English Defence League rally?

If you're a creative person with technical abilities, like Alex Ross, you remix it, of course. With autotune!

Satire is best when it reveals the absurdity of things like this. Awesome.

Thanks to Kate Hansen for the tip

Catching a viral at the nude gaming party

This is not real.

Making the rounds online, the "Nude Gaming Party" is a not-at-all disguised ad for XtendPlay ergonomic PS and Xbox controllers. (They out themselves in the YouTube link with their URL and the question, "Would you attend nude gaming parties if they were real?")

Fun little ad, which must have been particularly entertaining to film. I think YouTube user masterneme speaks for the entire internet in the comment, "Uncensored version NOW!"

via Illegal Advertising

Got infographic?

This infographics project by Montreal designer Audreé Lapierre for ffunction is over a year old, but it's currently surging on BuzzFeed.

 The rationale:
"The nutritional facts are used to brand the packaging as well as giving useful information about the product. The data visualisations offer a clean graphic approach of the caloric ratio, nutrient balance completeness, ingredients and their specific amount of carbohydrate, fat, protein and sodium per serving."

Now that's refreshing!

Monday, May 30, 2011

How to get a great ad placement in mainstream media for free

Just get it "banned".

As The Media Blog points out, by getting the ad above rejected by several media outlets, Paddy Power managed to have it reproduced in full as editorial content in The Guardian and elsewhere.

It's the oldest trick in the book, and as you can see it doesn't even take any creativity to do it.

Naomi Campbell pulls the race bar on Cadbury ad

How do you react to this ad?

If you're Naomi Campbell, your reaction is: "I am shocked. It's upsetting to be described as chocolate, not just for me, but for all black women and black people. I do not find any humour in this. It is insulting and hurtful."

And now Cadbury faces a possible boycott over it.

Operation Black Vote's Simon Woolley has written to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, asking them to mobilize the African-American community over this. Because although Cadbury chocolate is not sold in the United States its parent company, Kraft, is the largest confectionery, food, and beverage corporation headquartered in the US. (Ironically, the Kraft takeover of Cadbury led to many boycott calls from UK chocolate fans.)

"Racism in the playground starts with black children being called 'chocolate bar'," Woolley Explains. "At best, this is insensitive, and at worst it demonstrates Cadbury's utter disregard for causing offence. Its lack of apology just adds insult to injury. The Eurocentric joke is not funny to black people.

"It's particularly galling because we've just had a week that saw the establishment fall over themselves to be close to the Obamas and yet black people are being derided in such an insulting and negative way."

But do you really think the creative team was even thinking about the colour of Naomi Campbell's skin? This is a women who, when sentenced to perform five days of community service with New York's sanitation department for assaulting her housekeeper, "attended her community service wearing designer outfits, including fedoras, furs, and—upon completion of her sentence—a silver sequined Dolce & Gabbana gown."

If you're going to choose someone to personify the word "diva", there are few who wear it so well.

But unlike Dunkin' Donuts, Cadbury did not pay Naomi Campbell for the use of her name. I'm pretty sure that's what got her attention.

And the racialization of the ad? I'm sure it was unintentional. Although the comment about "chocolate bar" (is that a common slur in the UK?), or the fact Borat often used "chocolate people" as a derogatory term in his wanderings, at least show that offence can be taken, if you're looking for it.

Cadbury insists the campaign was "a light-hearted take on the social pretensions of Cadbury Dairy Milk Bliss". They have, however, pulled it.

I think the real moral of the story is "don't fuck with a supermodel".

He's a church-goin' man. Ding!

Comic duo Rhett and Link are touring small towns across America, where they develop and produce commercials for local businesses using local talent, for an upcoming reality series on IFC.

Here's a great example:

Yup. That was pretty trashy.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kids today... they're so freaking AWESOME!

Here's one of my Nieces, Tess Megginson, covering a great Wilco song in duet:

Tess and her sister Emma constantly blow my mind with their creative output online. When I was a teen, we had nothing like these opportunities to just create, perform, document, and share.

I'm really excited to think of what this level of sharing will bring the world in the next 20 years. It's going to be awesome.

Big Tobacco bumps off a few more addicts

I'm old enough to remember what it was like when people smoked on airplanes. When it landed, as soon as the "no smoking" and "fasten seatbelts" signs went dim, half the passengers went for their pocket pack and lit a cigarette. Today, you can see the exact same coordinated gesture... but they reach for their smartphones.

With so much in common, it was only a matter of time before a tobacco company came up with an app for iPhone. And they have. Or at least the concept is there.

"Bum(p) a Smoke" is an app idea from Miami Ad School that lets casual smokers bum a virtual cigarette from heavier smokers via the built-in "bump" data transfer capability by which you tap iPhones to exchange info. The parasitic smoker can then redeem their bumps for real tobacco once they fill a digital pack.

What a brilliant idea. Because if there's one thing we need, it's to encourage those "I only smoke when I drink! Tee hee hee!" weasels. But don't worry, it's not real.

Via Ads of The World

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Miss of Sisyphus

I'm not sure the endless struggle against pubic hair is what Camus had in mind, but I suppose the constant battle to keep the carpet off the hardwood is worth it to give in to Generation Y's strange obsession with denuded pudenda.  Right?


Via Ads of the World

Friday, May 27, 2011

F'd Ad Fridays: A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste

I've been accused of having my mind in the gutter. But when you write copy for a living, you have to. Because if there is any possible way that someone can misconstrue your words in a sick or inappropriate way, they will.

So take my advice: Step back and look at your copy from every possible angle, particularly from the gutter.

Only then can you prevent tragedies like this from happening:

Via tumblr

F'd Ad Fridays: They really effing love their sushi over there...

Via random YouTube search.

It's actually less creepy and far sweeter than most of the Japanese ads that go viral.

Despite this scene.

F'd Ad Fridays: What is this?

Is it a viral lingerie ad?

Is it a modelling self-promo?

Is it art?

Is it smut?

I have no idea. It was posted this week on Adrants with the explanation that this is Zahia Dehar, "a then-underage call girl who slept with French footballer Frank Ribery who, at the time, was fronting a Nike campaign."

The film is by Nick and Chloé, who have worked for Nike. And site has even weirder images and film of the sex-worker-turned-model:

This was filed under "commissions"...
Don't ask me. I just blog here.

F'd Ad Fridays: Smells like a bitch

Apparently this is not the campaign for Bieber's new perfume.

Via Ads of the World

F'd Ad Fridays: Finnish McTeat

Yes, it's the right way around. No, I don't know what it means.

Via Copyranter

F'd Ad Fridays: Dove skin whitening cream?

I can totally see how this one went down. The Art Director cast women of various ethnicities, to show "diversity". Then, at the photoshoot (or afterwards in Photoshop) arranged them in to create an aesthetically-pleasing gradation of skin tones. Without paying attention to the actual ad claim behind them:

As MB Quirk at The Consumerist points out, "I'm inclined to think, and I hope I'm right, that Dove is really saying any woman of any color could get lovely skin instead of rough by lathering up with this wash. Either way, whoever approved this ad should get a thump on the head and a 'What were you thinking?'"

What were they thinking indeed... especially since Unilever, who owns Dove, actually is in the skin-whitening business in South Asia.

[via AdPulp]

"Self-Esteem" my lily white ass...

F'd Ad Fridays: A shirtload of awkward

I spotted this last weekend in the kids' clothing section of Winners (a Canadian version of T.J. Maxx or Marshalls) in Ottawa's suburban east end:

[click to embiggen and read]

Yes, Michael. I know how to keep a secret. But it will cost you...

F'd Ad Fridays: Femen emasculates NZ men (nudity)

Back in March, Ukrainian women's protest group FEMEN protested a New Zealand radio station's contest to "win a wife" in the Ukraine via one of those awful mail-order bride companies.

The winner, a winemaker known only as Greg, was so scared of the publicity that he refused to go to meet his "prize".  With characteristic subtlety, FEMEN celebrated their victory — and gave a warning to all other Kiwi men to stay away from Ukrainian sex tourism — by having this poster pasted all over Auckland:

Millions of men are now crossing their legs awkwardly.

I love the parody of Soviet propaganda.

Femen's statement (via Google Translate):The action served as a clear warning to the New Zealand men that Ukraine is not a country of sex tourism, and the Ukrainian is not a gift!

Me, I'm just trying to stay on their good side.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Scarlett Johansson Planned Parenthood ad KKKized

The ad battle over abortion in the United States gets more and more bizarre.

Here's the Christian Defense Coalition's pitch: Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood and sexual revolutionary, had a regrettable involvement with the eugenics movement in her early days. There's no defending this. She even gave a lecture on birth control to the women's auxiliary of the KKK in New Jersey ("one of the weirdest experiences I had in lecturing").

So, sensing a wedge issue in the "race card", this group has decided that they can make the claim that today's Planned Parenthood has a racist agenda against African Americans.

Furthermore, they would like you to know that celebrities who support Planned Parenthood are pretty much the KKK:

Yeah, that's weird. here's the original:

I don't even know what else to say. It's like drawing a Hitler moustache on someone and calling it a political action. Not even worth refuting.

Although it's worth noting, for the sake of irony, that Ms. Sanger hated abortion. She never lived to see it legalized, but it's interesting to note that the whole family planning movement was started as a way to prevent abortions. Hmmm...

The greatest commercial Walmart never made

Speaking of affronts to human dignity, Break.com posted this video by Jessica French, who has put the best images from People of Walmart to music.

People Of Walmart Song - Watch more Funny Videos


A PETA campaign as tasteless as microwaved pork chops

If you haven't heard the awful story from Dayton, Ohio, of China Arnold killing her month-old baby in the microwave, consider yourself lucky. And I'm sorry to have brought it to your attention.

But then PETA, in yet another show of misplaced priorities, created this ad for veganism:

Nobody media company will place it anywhere, of course.

PETA's comment:
“We understand why our message — that most of the animals killed for human consumption are innocent babies who feel pain and fear just as humans do — might be upsetting,” PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman said in a Tuesday email. “We encourage anyone who is troubled by the comparison between a baby human and a baby pig to clear their conscience by adopting a humane, vegan diet.”
This isn't the first time the organization has cashed in on human misery, and unfortunately it probably won't be the last.

But why? While some people still naively believe that "there's no such thing as bad publicity", there really is. Does anyone believe that campaigns like this really make the PETA brand more palatable to "soft" animal rights supporters, vegetarians and vegans?

What I'd really like to see happen is for someone to confront some of the celebrities who are all-too-happy to lend their celebrity to the organization — like Pamela Anderson, Joaquin Phoenix, Anjelica Huston, Iggy Pop or Alicia Silverstone with the question of whether they really believe in these marketing tactics.

"I'm getting naked for exploiting dead babies!"

Because PR cuts both ways, you know...

I guess it's Heineken day here today

And I don't even care much for the beer. But they make cute ads. This one is just a cute 30-second gag on the old cliché that all good parties end up in the kitchen:


Via Illegal Advertising

A real male fantasy in a beer ad

Instead of the typically subservient bikini bouncing babes, this Heineken ad speaks to what men really aspire to: impressing people with ability and easy charm.

I have to admit, I kind of like this ad. It's a follow-up to "The Entrance" (which was even more absurd).

I like "The Date" better.  Its absurdity reminds you of the Old Spice Guy, but instead of being the stereotype of the man women want, this dude is the man we all think women want us to be. He's handsome, talented, knows everything, and is loved by all.

You could easily question the woman's passive role in this ad, since she's only along for the ride. And that would be a fair question.

But this scene, at least, shows that she may be following his lead but is at least doing so as a co-conspirator rather than a spectator:

"I get to choose the bar next time, okay?"
The bottom line? I like it. Yet another cool ad by W+W Amsterdam.

Via Viral Videos.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Al Jaffee is alive, and still funny

UCB Comedy posted this cool little interview with the Mad master cartoonist who brought us "Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions", the Mad fold-in back covers, and some of the most prescient inventions ever.

The man is a genius.




New Sussex Safer Roads ad proves you can't improve on perfection

In fact, you can't even come near it.

Let's review:

Embrace Life (Osocio's campaign of the year in 2010) was a perfect PSA. It understood its target market (dads of young families). It had a single-minded message (always wear your seatbelt). And it had a pure and emotive "why" (because they'd save you if they could).

Fast forward to this year's sequel,  Stay a Hero.

They hit the right "dad" notes, this time with a little boy who idolizes you. The emotion is all there. But what are they asking me to do? "Stay Safe"? That's as vague as "be careful"...

This new ad has the same creative team, Daniel Cox and Sarah Alexander. But the strategy lacks focus. And that makes it imperfect.

Not that I can blame anyone. The "seatbelt is a hug from protective loved ones" insight may be a once-in-a-lifetime eureka moment. And it's hard to repeat that kind of thing. So we're left with a lot of emotional will to "stay safe", but no simple actions to make it happen.

Still, by any other standard than the ones SSRP set with their first effort, this new ad is still nice work.

I can't believe this was an idea worth copying

Remember, back in the '80s, when everyone was so afraid of cholesterol that they ended up switching to hydrogenated vegetable oil spreads instead? Yeah, that was funny. And this brand is from that era:

Well, margarines have come a long way since then, but the marketing hasn't. For some reason, they still tout their impossibly buttery taste with the most awkward ripoffs possible of "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" (via Buzzfeed):

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter outmarketed them all, however, by unleashing the power of Fabio and his manly, buttery spray:

I have nothing else to add, so here's a British commercial for real butter with Johnny Rotten in it:

(I think he only took the job because he got to say "c-nt" so many times in it.)

Awkward post-Rapture followup

Some dude on Reddit actually posted a billboard to stick it to Family Radio for their non-Rapture:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Slutwalk Presents: Slutwear

Slutwalk Denver, having joined Slutwalk Toronto's global movement against sex assault victim blaming, are now merchandising their cause with a line of clothing at CafePress.

While I clicked expecting (okay, "hoping") to see a line of really revealing attire, they have instead chosen to emphasize their movement's slogans on more traditional casual clothes. (It being cafepress and all...)

Here are some examples:

And the soon to be classic:

Why is it on the... ummm... back?

All proceeds from this shop will go directly to funding SlutWalk Denver. Any leftover funds will be donated to RAAP, a Rape Crisis Center in Denver, Colorado.

Learn more about Slutwalk's origins at Osocio.

Amsterdam Splashmob

I never imagined that a bunch of beautiful women paddling surfboards through the canals of Amsterdam could be so boring. (Okay, I never really imagined a bunch of beautiful women paddling surfboards through the canals of Amsterdam, but anyway...)

What is it that doesn't work? Is it the awkward paddling? The sleepy music? The slow pacing? The women's self-consciously fake flirtiness in between moments of obvious discomfort?

"Oh! Oh! I know the answer!"

Anyway, it's for the Superkini by O'Neill. In case you hadn't figured that out yet.

Presenting the emoscowcon

Brands of The World shared a Brand New post about this spec project by two Russian creatives to brand the city of Moscow with its own emoticon:

Cute idea, but I think it's trying too hard. You see, they've combined my favourite emoticon, the googly-eyed shocked beyond belief expression, "o_O" with the tired old smiley, ":)"

The problem being that it is untypable. Nobody would ever use that emoticon, because it simply isn't one.  It may be ownable, being unique, but I take issue with concepts that need an equation to understand.

Makes for an amusing t-shirt, though...

The line between panhandling and busking...

I think this man has crossed it. In the right direction.

I'd give him money. We creative folk need to have each other's backs.

Via HuffPo

Justin Bieber: Living, loving and advertising without irony

"So, what if we took this brand, this preteen heart-throb brand called 'Bieber', and extended it to a starter perfume? Then we market it with the ultimate pubescent girl fantasy of Bieber entering the bedroom, taking the girl flying in the air, and kissing her on the neck?"

"Kissing her on the neck?"

"Then she rides him from behind—fully dressed! Yeah, yeah! It's chaste, but plays into their immature and non-threatening ideas about sex. Plus, the whole thing has a PG vampire feel. Like Twilight..."

"But with Bieber!!!"

"Exactomundo. Use the perfume, get a non-penetrative seduction from flying vampire Bieber."

"You don't think the kids will find it a little... much?"

"Bieber fans, man. Unironic as they come. At least the straight little girl ones. I don't think the cougars and gay dudes will buy this shit anyway."

"Brilliant! Let's shoot this fucker...."

Monday, May 23, 2011

A Diesel ad I like. Maybe these truly are The End Times...

Ads of The World posted this fun little video on Facebook:

I haven't been a fan of the "Stupid" campaign in the past, because it was just... well... stupid.

But the video is appealing because it takes some political jabs at the world at large while still conveying some fun.

Check out the rich microsite: diesel.com/island

You've got to shop around

Hilarious French ad that was posted today on Adland:


By Publicis Conseil, Paris.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My parents survived the Rapture...

...and all I got was this stupid T-shirt.

Ivan Raszl, who runs Ads of The World, has whipped up this product line over at CafePress. He hilariously applied his design to every product imaginable — from dog bowls to underpants.

Because we know only sinners wear these...